Get Free Products To Review On Your Blog

Many companies will provide bloggers with free products for review purposes.

Thousands of companies hand out review products to bloggers every year because they know that word of mouth is an effective marketing tool — it puts their product in front of their target audience at little or no cost. But with lots of bloggers looking for review products, you need to do your homework to make sure you stand out in the crowd looking for freebies.


1. Build a blog people want to visit by adding informative, original posts on a regular basis. Keep your blog on topic and use legal graphics and video to enhance the blog’s overall image.

2. Select products you currently have and write positive reviews that cover their features and benefits. Remember that details count — make sure you spell the name of the products correctly, link to the company’s website or a retail page, and don’t overpromise. Explain what a product can and can’t do without going overboard.

3. Visit the website of the company that produces a product you want to review. Look for an email address for “Press Inquiries” or “Media Inquiries.” If there are none, a general email address (look under “Contacts”) will do. Customize every request email by explaining why your readers would be interested in the company’s product — don’t send bulk email, which will get tossed. Include traffic data and social media follower numbers. Let the the company know when it can expect the review to go live and include your physical mailing address.

If you prefer an even more individual touch, mail a letter to the company — include your contact information and a business card. Look for contact names for positions such as marketing director or VP of sales.

4. Write the review as soon as practical after receiving the product. Be honest — explain the pros and cons of the product in a personal way. How did you use it? What was your experience? Include photos and links to the company page. Federal law requires full disclosure, so you must state that you received the product for free in return for your review.

After your post is live, send the link to the company or PR person and let him know that you’re open to reviewing additional products in the future.