Become A Film Publicist

Become a Film Publicist

That well-dressed lady (or gentleman) that stands next to a movie star at a premiere might be the publicist, not the significant other. Film publicists experience all the glamor of a life in Hollywood, but they also encounter their share of hard work and controversy. Consider the following tips if you want to become a film publicist.


1. Watch a lot of movies. The best film publicists have more than a college degree. They have a love for movies and an encyclopedic knowledge of films, actors and Hollywood history. So break out your DVD collection and enjoy.

2. Earn a degree in communications, journalism or business. Film publicists also take courses in film history, production or screenwriting, and intern for established publicists or film companies while they attend college.

3. Plan a publicity campaign before a film wraps. Study the film’s plot, characters and theme, as well as the type of moviegoer its stars will attract. Develop a timeline to publicize the film, and start a buzz by distributing blurbs about the production to websites, blogs, entertainment magazines and TV shows.

4. Identify a film’s audience. A film publicist needs to create a campaign that will appeal to a movie’s core demographic. They write and distribute press releases and production notes to the media and put together EPKs (electronic press kits) which can usually be downloaded from the film’s website.

5. Liaison with movie stars, directors and other film personnel. A film publicist works with journalists, theater owners, broadcasters, studio executives and others to heighten public awareness of a film. A publicist coordinates actor interviews with critics, film screenings and promotional events.