Zoo Keeper Tools

Zoo Keepers Use a Variety of Tools to Keep Animals Healthy and Happy Gardeners use rakes and shovels, firefighters use hoses and construction workers use wheelbarrows. Every occupation or hobby has its own set of tools. Zoo keepers have their own tools, too, although several of them are the very same ones that gardeners, firefighters, and construction [...]

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The Best Texas Colleges For Zoology

Nature provides a lifetime of learning Texas has a wide selection of colleges that offer zoology programs, but you want to choose from the best. From the technological to the [...]

Zoology Education At Ohio Colleges

Individuals in the zoology field study monkeys and other animals. Zoology is a branch of biology that studies the behavior, evolution and function of animals. Many zoology [...]

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Export management is a growing field. In a world of globalization, ever-increasing numbers of businesses engage in international trade and transactions. Export management is [...]

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Becoming a teacher through distance education is now possible. Becoming a teacher has become increasingly simple in today's world where the Internet is at your fingertips 24 [...]

Get A Job At Mac Cosmetics

Makeup Make-Up Art Cosmetics, better known as MAC Cosmetics, is a well respected cosmetics manufacturer. Their retail locations can be found in local malls throughout the [...]

Women And Smoking In The 1920s

In the early 20th century, smoking for women was an act of defiance. The 1920s were a time of dramatic social changes but also of resistance to the changes. Women got the [...]

Top Online Masters Degrees In Public Affairs

Professional and nontraditional students interested in pursuing a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) are often unable to attend traditional, brick-and-mortar programs [...]

Wind Direction Vs Compass Points

An Advanced Wrist Compass Compasses were first devised in the 1300s as a way for sailors to describe wind direction and adjust direction accordingly. Bisect a 360 degree [...]

How Much Does An Industrial Designer Earn

Industrial designers often model their ideas in small scale to test their viability. Combining both art and engineering, industrial designers design everyday products such as [...]

Corporate Communications Job Description

The Corporate Communications person is the "face" of the company. The corporate communications position is responsible for getting the company's message to the desired [...]